pic6Is it right for me?

The Essure procedure can be the right choice of sterilization for you if you are sure you don’t want to have any children in the future and any of these statements apply to you or describe you:

  1. My partner does not want to have a vasectomy and I am tired of waiting
  2. I don’t want surgery that involves incisions which would result in a recovery that takes days out of my busy schedule
  3. I want a birth control that is permanent because
  4. I want spontaneity in my sexual relationship
  5. I don’t want to have to remember to take or use temporary methods of birth control
  6. I want a birth control that doesn’t contain hormones
  7. I don’t want to worry about an unexpected pregnancy
  8. I want a birth control that does not leave scars
  9. My doctor has told me that I am not a candidate for a traditional tubal ligation
  10. I am overweight or very thin and surgery is risky for me
  11. I have a chronic disease or condition and I should not take an unnecessary risk
  12. I have had an endometrial ablation and should not risk pregnancy
  13. I have been on temporary birth control for an extended period of time and I’m concerned about the long term effects of hormones on my body
  14. I am concerned about the risks of general anesthesia