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July 2019
In This Issue
Professional Ethic of Doctors & Nurses
Stress-less Summer Solution
Your First Gynecological Exam
Healthy Living: National Blueberry Month

June 2019
In This Issue
Father’s Day Tribute
Declining Birth Rate
HPV Vaccine Success Rate
Migraines – How to Cope
Healthy Living: Fruit & Vegetable Month

May 2019
In This Issue
Mother’s Day Tribute
Celebrate Meditation Month
NEW! Prescription Confirmation
Hysteria or Endometriosis?
Measles Update
Healthy Living: Alcohol Awareness

April 2019
In This Issue
Quick Recovery from C-Sections
Miscarriage Alternative
Male Birth Control
Hospital vs. At-Home Births
Healthy Living: Healthy Lifestyle for Kids
Autism Awareness

March 2019
In This Issue
Bigger Babies Spike C-Sections
1 in 7 Antibiotic Scripts Unnecessary
Health Living: The Promise of Virtual Reality
A Celebration of Women
Mammography One Year Anniversary

February 2019
In This Issue
American Heart Month
Cancer Increase Among Millennials
Healthy Living: Mindfulness for Menopause
The Year of the Pig

December 2018
In This Issue
The Fourth Trimester
Most Common STI
Depression – You Are Not Alone
Healthy Living: Tips for the New Year

November 2018
In This Issue
“Top Doc” 11th Consecutive Year!
Introducing Our New Website
New Office Hours
BCBS Precious Additions
Health Living: Diabetes – It Affects Many
New Local Initiative

October 2018
In This Issue
True Warriors: Breast Cancer Month
Reduced Risk for Ovarian Cancer
New Well-Woman Chart
Healthy Living: Is Gluten Free Better?

September 2018
In This Issue
Reversible Contraception
What Does “Natural” Mean
Healthy Living: More Than A Luxury

August 2018
In This Issue
21 Reasons To See A Gynecologist
New FDA Treatment for Endometriosis
Food Recalls
Healthy Living: Family Fun Month
Welcome Dr. Tang & Dr. Ortiz

July 2018
In This Issue
Two New Doctors Join The Practice
Declining Birth Rate
Artificial Ovaries for Fertility
Tick Prevention & Treatment
Healthy Living: Summer Safet
Healthy Living X2: Go Fly A Kite

June 2018
In This Issue
Father’s Day Tribute
Is Chemo Unnecessary?
Immunotherapy Cures Breast Cancer
What Is Endometrial Ablation?
Healthy Living: Seasonal Fruits & Veggies

May 2018
In This Issue
Mother’s Day Tribute
Welcoming Our New APRN
What is HSG?
How Much Sodium Is Too Much

April 2018
In This Issue
Baby in Utero
Whooping Cough Making A Comeback?
Autism Awareness
Healthy Living: Short Bursts of Exercise

March 2018
In This Issue
Drew University Expert Panel
Official Opening: On-Site 3D Mammography Cente
Red Carpet Event
Options in Contraception
Alopecia/Fibroid Connection
Healthy Living: Cookie Twist

February 2018
In This Issue
Dr. Romero – On A Mission
NEW On-Site 3D Mammography Center
New Breastfeeding Law
Can The Pill Prevent Cancer?
Healthy Living: The Powerful Grapefruit
We Need You! Join Our FB Campaign

January 2018
In This Issue
Announcing On-Site 3D Mammograms
The Better Mammogram
Count Time, Not Calories
Healthy Living: Folate Through Food
National Blood Donor Month

December 2017
In This Issue
Summit Park Line Walking Tour
Is Delayed Pushing Beneficial?
New Blood Pressure Guidelines
Healthy Living: Spice It Up!

November 2017
In This Issue
“Top Doc” – 10th Consecutive Year
Cord Clamping – Impact On A Baby
Feminar – Thank You!
Popular Fertility Test Debunked
New Online Appointment App
Healthy Living: Adult Playtime!
In-House Mammograms

October 2017
In This Issue
On-Site Mammograms
Recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness
Improving Lives With Micro Finance
Healthy Living: Pumpkins!
Join Us In Supporting Summit Speech
Bottle Hill Day Success

September 2017
In This Issue
Farewell to Dr. Kahan
Dr. Kessel Adds Hours
Sterilization – Your Choices
Twins Journey Home
Healthy Living: Healthy Breakfast Options

August 2017
In This Issue
New Appointment Cancellation Solution
Editing Gene Mutations
Revised Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
Healthy Living: Seasonal Fruits & Veggie

July 2017
In This Issue
Dr. Rubino Is Published In Medical Journal
Female Athlete Triad
Exercising During Pregnancy
Father’s Day Tribute
Healthy Living: Healthy Berry Popsicles

June 2017
In This Issue
New Overlook App
Breastfeeding to Reduce Cancer Risk
Expanded Infertility Law
Father’s Day Tribute
Healthy Living: New Disney App

May 2017
In This Issue
New Improved Call Center
Tribute to Moms
What is Blood Pressure
Healthy Living: Mental Health

April 2017
In This Issue
New Saturday Hours
Glucose and Labor
What Is A Colonoscopy
Common Digestive Problems
Healthy Living: New Workshop
Is FemiLift Right For You

March 2017
In This Issue
Patient Survey
STDs and Trichomoniasis
Mommy Make-Overs
Healthy Living: Eating Over Exercise

February 2017
In This Issue
Introducing FemiLift!
Patient Survey
National Heart Month
High Levels of Flu in NJ
Healthy Living: Healthy Snack Month

January 2017
In This Issue
Decline in US Census
Importance of Annual Well Visit
Healthy Living: Keeping Healthy in Winter
“Like Us” Get A Gift
New Madison Office Hours

December 2016
In This Issue
Dr. Chou Retires
IV Iron Infusions
Obesity In Pregnancy
Drugs In The Suburbs
Healthy Living: Healthy Tips for 2017

November 2016
In This Issue
Dr. Rubino Appointed by Governor Christie
“Top Doc” 2016!
PCOS – Questions Answered
Healthy Living: National Peanut Butter Month
Madison Renovations

October 2016
In This Issue
Breast Cancer Screenings
Zika Funding Passed By Congress
Flu Clinic Schedule
Healthy Living: Wellness Workshops
New 8 AM Appointments
Online Lab Results

September 2016
In This Issue
New Madison Office
Babies Delivered By The Mailman!
Pain Medications & Behavioral Issues
Zika Panel Discussion
Healthy Living: Nutrition Seminar!

August 2016
In This Issue
New Clark Office Address
Welcome Dr. Whetstone!
Natural Menopause Solutions
Device Addiction
Healthy Living: Looking Forward
Teacher Appreciation Month

JULY 2016
In this issue
New Clark Office Opens
“Fourth” Trimester
Break Time
Healthy Living: Veggie & Fruit Safety
$10,000 Pyramid!

JUNE 2016
In this issue
New Clark Office
Decline In Birth Rate
Healthy Living: Exercise During Pregnancy

MAY 2016
In this issue
Mother’s Day Workshop
New Clark Office
Endometriosis – What Is It?
Healthy Living: Salad Recipes
Online Lab Results

APRIL 2016
In this issue
Preeclampsia & Hypertension
Birth Day Present
Healthy Living: Stressful Exercise
10-Week Lifestyle Change Program
Red Cross Gala

MARCH 2016
In this issue
American Red Cross Month
Your Daughter’s First Period
Women’s History Month
Healthy Living: Regrets
Mind/Body Workshops

In this issue
Skating in Summi
Go Red for Women
Healthy Living: Natural Menstrual Remedies
Mind/Body Workshops
Photo Gallery
Flu Clinic

In this issue
Miracle Baby Hold
Healthy Living: Myths Busted
Omnia Health Plans

In this issue
Not All That Itches Is Yeast
New Photo Gallery
Insurance Coverage
Healthy Living: Taking Care of You

In this issue
Dr. Rubino Receives ‘Top Doc’
Walk-in Flu Clinics
Menstrual Cups
Healthy Living: When Do You Need Antibiotics?
Health Republic Insurance Closing

In this issue
Tribute to Breast Cancer
Insight Into Your Urine
Healthy Living: Popular Foods and Calories
Seeking Male Research Participants

In this issue:
New Phone System
Car Safety
Healthy Living: How To Quit The Addiction

In this issue:
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore
Healthy Living: Necessary Nutrients

JULY 2015
In this issue:
Rh Factor
Important Tests For Women
Healthy Living: Spice It Up

JUNE 2015
In this issue:
Introducing Our New Website!
Latest Medical Findings From ACOG
Father’s Day Tribute
Healthy Living: Heat Exhaustion

MAY 2015
In this issue:
The Creation Of Mother’s Day
Gestational Weight Gain Risks
Healthy Living: Giving Is Living
Prenatal Yoga Class

APRIL 2015
In this issue:
• Sterilization Options
• Red Cross Gala
• Baby, Set, GO!
• Healthy Living: Down To Two Waterfords
• Nutrition Busters Seminar

MARCH 2015
In this issue:

• Aetna & St. Barnabas Announcement
• Paint & Sip
• Pelvic Floor Prolapse
• Real Symptoms From Real Women
• Healthy Living: Your Sweet Tooth

In this issue:

• The Measles Dilemma
• We Need Your Feedback!
• Benefits of Circumcision
• Healthy Living: Diet Soda

In this issue:

• Keeping Your Baby Healthy In Winter
• Lower Birth Rates Affect The Economy
• Healthy Living: Fat Is Good
• Prenatal Yoga Class

In this issue:

• Making The Most Of Your Doctor Visit
• Breast Exams During Pregnancy
• Healthy Living: The Summit Fire Department Comes To Your Home
• Free Pregnancy Class

In this issue:

• Dr. Rubino: “Top Doc”!
• Daylight Savings – Effects On Children
• Healthy Living: Healthy Eating With A Busy Lifestyle
• Dr. Rubino Runs For Re-Election
• LinkedIn – Join Us!
• Walk-In Flu Clinics

In this issue:

• Color Me Pink
• Pelvic Floor Disorders Among Triathletes
• Healthy Living: Halloween Safety Tips
• Dr. Rubino Runs for Re-Election

In this issue:

• Ovarian Cancer – Wear Your Teal
• Online Bill Payments – Even Easier
• Healthy Living: Self Improvement Month
• Pay Your Bill Online

In this issue:

• Welcome Dr. Kahan
• Vaginitis – What Is It?
• Healthy Living: Diets – Why They Don’t Work
• Pay Your Bill Online

JULY 2014
In this issue:

• Single Embryo Transfer
• New Discovery: Molecular Breast Imaging
• Healthy Living: UV Safety Month

JUNE 2014
In this issue:

• Father’s Days
• HPV – Detection and Treatments
• Healthy Living: Happier Mornings

MAY 2014
In this issue:

• Benefits of Play Time
• New Law for Mammograms
• Healthy Living: Creating A Work-Life Balance

APRIL 2014
In this issue:

• You Can Change Your Brain
• Online Bill Payment
• Baby Care Essentials
• Vaginal Dryness
• Healthy Living: Memory Health

MARCH 2014
In this issue:

• It’s A Big Month
• Shedding Light on Insurance
• Skin Conditions During Pregnancy
• Red Cross Month
• Healthy Living: 6 Essential Nutrients

In this issue:

• Fond Farewell to Fox
• Stress and Heart Health
• Breast Issues and Conditions
• Healthy Living: Bringing Exercise Back

In this issue:

• The Rubino OB/GYN Group Featured on ANSwers Live
• Answers Live Features The Rubino OB/GYN Group
• Women and Strokes
• Healthy Living: Heels to Laces

In this issue:
• Pediatric Hearing Loss
• Dr. Rubino – Top Doc 6th Consecutive Year
• Healthy Living: The Health Revolution

In this issue:
• Breast Cancer: Risks and Diagnosis
• POF – What is it?
• Healthy Living: Run for Rob

In this issue:
• Your Teeth and Your Health
• Gestational Diabetes
• Healthy Living: Managing Back to School

AUGUST 13, 2013
New Doctor Announcement
• Introducing Dr. Huang and Dr. Patel

In this issue:
• Welcome Dr. Patel
• New Practice Video
• Your Digestive System
• Healthy Living – Importance of Hydration

JULY 2013
In this issue:
• Welcome Dr. Huang
• National Cord Blood Awareness
• Healthy Living – From Doctor to Patient: Dr. Kessel’s Personal Perspective

JUNE 2013
In this issue:
• Postpartum Depression
• Bedtime Math
• Healthy Living – New Sunscreen Regulations

MAY 2013
In this issue:
• Pelvic Floor Muscle Training
• The Female Body
• Healthy Living: Healthy Habits to a Happy Mom

APRIL 2013
In this issue:
• The IUD – Is It The Right Choice?
• Could I Be Anemic?
• Healthy Living – Fatigue

MARCH 2013
In this issue:
• Dr. Rubino Featured on CNN
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Libido Post Menopause
• Health Living – American Red Cross

In this issue:
• Puberty – What to Expect
• Rh Factor and Pregnancy
• Healthy Living – Heart Health

In this issue
• Dr. Susan Moves Her Office
• Dr. Robert Rubino on XM Radio
• Your Colon: Function, Testing and Health
• Healthy Living: The Connection Between Your Brain and Your Stomach