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Enjoy Permanent Birth Control With “Essure” In-office Tubal Sterilization

Dr. Rubino is now performing the “ESSURE” incisionless tubal sterilization procedure, in the office. Developed over the last decade, this procedure offers an alternative to conventional surgical tubal sterilization procedures. Conventional surgery requires and incision in the abdomen and general anesthesia, followed by a significant recuperation period. The “ESSURE” procedure is done without and incision. The physician uses a hysteroscope ( a small camera) that goes through the cervix and deploys small catheters in both fallopian tubes, essentially ‘tying’ them from the inside. The procedure lasts about 10-15 minutes, it is done in the office and patients go home in
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Prevent Cervical Cancer with Gardasil

The new cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, is now available in our offices. This exciting new vaccine, is the world’s first vaccine against cervical cancer and the virus that causes it. Developed by Merck, the data in the early clinical trials are dramatic. Vaccinated women showed nearly 100 percent immunity to the cancer causing virus HPV. The medication is an injection, given to young women ages 16-26, in a series of 3 shots spaced over a 6 month period. If you are a patient that fits the age criteria or have a friend or relative that does, please call or email
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Rubino OB/GYN Group Welcomes Lisa Abeshaus, M.D.

Lisa Abeshaus, MD, FACOG recently joined the Rubino OBGYN Group. Dr. Abeshaus has been in private practice for eleven years. Previously practicing in Westfield NJ, she is a resident of Summit NJ, and comes to us with impeccable credentials and an excellent reputation in the community. Dr. Abeshaus graduated with distinction from Dartmouth Medical School and trained at St. Lukes Roosevelt Program for her residency. She was a faculty professor there for 4 years before settling in Summit NJ. Dr. Abeshaus is board certified and is accepting new patients.
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