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Stop Heavy Periods With “Her Option” in-office Cryoablation Therapy

The Rubino OBGYN Group is the first in the area to offer “Her Option” cryoablation procedures in the office setting. Cryoablation is an alternative procedure to hysterectomy. It involves freezing the lining of the uterus for approximately 14 minutes. The procedure is designed to help women with heavy menses. It results in complete loss of menses or greatly reduced menstral flow and duration in the majority of patients. The patient discomfort is dramatically less than traditional surgery, and most are on their way home in 30 minutes. This procedure will likely eliminate the majority of hysterectomies perfomed for abnormal uterine
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Dr. Robert Rubino interviewed on WABC – New York

There is a new treatment option for women who have heavy or painful periods. Women who have heavy and painful menstrual periods are often choose major surgery to remove the uterus. That means general anesthesia, a stay in the hospital and a couple weeks to recover. Now, for some, there’s another option. Read More >>>
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Access Your Bone Density With Our New GE Lunar Scanner

We have recently installed a state-of-the-art bone density DEXA scanner. The GE Lunar scanner is rapid, and accurate. This scanner uses breakthrough direct digital technology that has been proven to be the most precise method for bone density testing and represents the gold standard for detecting osteoporosis, a disease characterized by low bone mass and increased fracture risk. It also performs body fat composition to assist in medically managed weight loss programs. Accepted by most insurances, this test can be conveniently done at the time of your annual exam. Ask about your next screening at your next visit.
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