Welcome to our new video series, “Ask Your Doctors.”

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In our first episode, Dr. Rubino gives our followers an inside look at what goes on during a scheduled C-section. For our patients, moms-to-be, and all those interested in knowledge on this topic, please join us by watching our segment.

In this week’s “Ask Your Doctors,” Dr. Rubino answers a question they often hear in their offices: fertility and infertility. Often times women have busy careers and social lives, but still want to know options and timing for starting their family. This episode takes a look inside age and fertility. Share or tag your friends who need to hear this information.

In this week’s “Ask Your Doctors” video, Dr. Rubino discusses when it makes sense for a young woman to have their first gynecological visit. Hear his recommendation by watching and sharing our videos here.

In this week’s “Ask Your Doctors” episode, Dr. Rubino discusses the HPV Vaccine. What is it? Is it safe? Who should get it? Tune in.

In this week’s “Ask Your Doctors” episode, Dr. Rubino discusses the sensitive topic of miscarriages. Women often ask, “why did this happen?” or “what could I have done?” The truth is that about 17% of all pregnancies end in miscarriages as the body’s way of recognizing an unhealthy pregnancy. Tune in.