Stop Heavy Periods With “Her Option” in-office Cryoablation Therapy

The Rubino OBGYN Group is the first in the area to offer “Her Option” cryoablation procedures in the office setting. Cryoablation is an alternative procedure to hysterectomy. It involves freezing the lining of the uterus for approximately 14 minutes. The procedure is designed to help women with heavy menses. It results in complete loss of menses or greatly reduced menstral flow and duration in the majority of patients. The patient discomfort is dramatically less than traditional surgery, and most are on their way home in 30 minutes. This procedure will likely eliminate the majority of hysterectomies perfomed for abnormal uterine bleeding for benign conditions. We are happy to contiue to provide intelligent, and modern care for our patients, and maintaing our traditional bedside manner.