Prevent Cervical Cancer with Gardasil

The new cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, is now available in our offices. This exciting new vaccine, is the world’s first vaccine against cervical cancer and the virus that causes it. Developed by Merck, the data in the early clinical trials are dramatic. Vaccinated women showed nearly 100 percent immunity to the cancer causing virus HPV. The medication is an injection, given to young women ages 16-26, in a series of 3 shots spaced over a 6 month period. If you are a patient that fits the age criteria or have a friend or relative that does, please call or email the practice for more infomation. Also, visit for additional information.
The Rubino OBGYN Group is happy to announce the implementation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EMR is essentially a paperless medical chart which resides on conventional and tablet pc’s. As we have seen the conversion of many major industries to computerized systems, medicine has lagged far behind. The EMR is the future of medicine. A digital chart allows for numerous advantages and safety benefits for patients and their physicians. The notion of a ‘lost chart’ is essentially eradicated, as are filing errors. Office staff and patients no longer have to decipher physician’s handwriting. Archiving old charts will be unnecessary, since digital storage provides ready access with just a mouse click. Patients who travel may be able to have an electronic version of their chart emailed (through secure connections). Physicians can access their patient’s data even when the office is closed, which is helpful in emergency situations. Researching local medical trends is much easier, giving physicians a better understanding of their patient population’s medical needs. We believe that the EMR improves the safety and care of our patients and we are excited to be the first OBGYN practice in the area to ‘go digital’.