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In This Issue
Drew University Expert Panel
Official Opening: On-Site 3D Mammography Center
Red Carpet Event
Options In Contraception
Alopecia/Fibroid Connection
Healthy Living: Cookie Twist


In This Issue
Dr. Romero – On A Mission
NEW On-Site 3D Mammography Center
New Breastfeeding Law
Can The Pill Prevent Cancer?
Healthy Living: The Powerful Grapefruit
We Need You! Join Our FB Campaign


In This Issue
Announcing On-Site 3D Mammograms
The Better Mammogram
Count Time, Not Calories
Healthy Living: Folate Through Food
National Blood Donor Month

In This Issue
Summit Park Line Walking Tour
Is Delayed Pushing Beneficial?
New Blood Pressure Guidelines
Healthy Living: Spice It Up!

In This Issue
“Top Doc” – 10th Consecutive Year
Cord Clamping – Impact On A Baby
Feminar – Thank You!
Popular Fertility Test Debunked
New Online Appointment App
Healthy Living: Adult Playtime!
In-House Mammograms

In This Issue
On-Site Mammograms
Recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness
Improving Lives With Micro Finance
Healthy Living: Pumpkins!
Join Us In Supporting Summit Speech
Bottle Hill Day Success

September 2017
In This Issue
Farewell to Dr. Kahan
Dr. Kessel Adds Hours
Sterilization – Your Choices
Twins Journey Home
Healthy Living: Healthy Breakfast Options

August 2017
In This Issue
New Appointment Cancellation Solution
Editing Gene Mutations
Revised Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
Healthy Living: Seasonal Fruits & Veggie

July 2017
In This Issue
Dr. Rubino Is Published In Medical Journal
Female Athlete Triad
Exercising During Pregnancy
Father’s Day Tribute
Healthy Living: Healthy Berry Popsicles

June 2017
In This Issue
New Overlook App
Breastfeeding to Reduce Cancer Risk
Expanded Infertility Law
Father’s Day Tribute
Healthy Living: New Disney App

May 2017
In This Issue
New Improved Call Center
Tribute to Moms
What is Blood Pressure
Healthy Living: Mental Health

April 2017
In This Issue
New Saturday Hours
Glucose and Labor
What Is A Colonoscopy
Common Digestive Problems
Healthy Living: New Workshop
Is FemiLift Right For You

March 2017
In This Issue
Patient Survey
STDs and Trichomoniasis
Mommy Make-Overs
Healthy Living: Eating Over Exercise

February 2017
In This Issue
Introducing FemiLift!
Patient Survey
National Heart Month
High Levels of Flu in NJ
Healthy Living: Healthy Snack Month

January 2017
In This Issue
Decline in US Census
Importance of Annual Well Visit
Healthy Living: Keeping Healthy in Winter
“Like Us” Get A Gift
New Madison Office Hours

December 2016
In This Issue
Dr. Chou Retires
IV Iron Infusions
Obesity In Pregnancy
Drugs In The Suburbs
Healthy Living: Healthy Tips for 2017

November 2016
In This Issue
Dr. Rubino Appointed by Governor Christie
“Top Doc” 2016!
PCOS – Questions Answered
Healthy Living: National Peanut Butter Month
Madison Renovations

October 2016
In This Issue
Breast Cancer Screenings
Zika Funding Passed By Congress
Flu Clinic Schedule
Healthy Living: Wellness Workshops
New 8 AM Appointments
Online Lab Results

September 2016
In This Issue
New Madison Office
Babies Delivered By The Mailman!
Pain Medications & Behavioral Issues
Zika Panel Discussion
Healthy Living: Nutrition Seminar!

August 2016
In This Issue
New Clark Office Address
Welcome Dr. Whetstone!
Natural Menopause Solutions
Device Addiction
Healthy Living: Looking Forward
Teacher Appreciation Month

JULY 2016
In this issue
New Clark Office Opens
“Fourth” Trimester
Break Time
Healthy Living: Veggie & Fruit Safety
$10,000 Pyramid!

JUNE 2016
In this issue
New Clark Office
Decline In Birth Rate
Healthy Living: Exercise During Pregnancy

MAY 2016
In this issue
Mother’s Day Workshop
New Clark Office
Endometriosis – What Is It?
Healthy Living: Salad Recipes
Online Lab Results

APRIL 2016
In this issue
Preeclampsia & Hypertension
Birth Day Present
Healthy Living: Stressful Exercise
10-Week Lifestyle Change Program
Red Cross Gala

MARCH 2016
In this issue
American Red Cross Month
Your Daughter’s First Period
Women’s History Month
Healthy Living: Regrets
Mind/Body Workshops

In this issue
Skating in Summi
Go Red for Women
Healthy Living: Natural Menstrual Remedies
Mind/Body Workshops
Photo Gallery
Flu Clinic

In this issue
Miracle Baby Hold
Healthy Living: Myths Busted
Omnia Health Plans

In this issue
Not All That Itches Is Yeast
New Photo Gallery
Insurance Coverage
Healthy Living: Taking Care of You

In this issue
Dr. Rubino Receives ‘Top Doc’
Walk-in Flu Clinics
Menstrual Cups
Healthy Living: When Do You Need Antibiotics?
Health Republic Insurance Closing

In this issue
Tribute to Breast Cancer
Insight Into Your Urine
Healthy Living: Popular Foods and Calories
Seeking Male Research Participants

In this issue:
New Phone System
Car Safety
Healthy Living: How To Quit The Addiction

In this issue:
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore
Healthy Living: Necessary Nutrients

JULY 2015
In this issue:
Rh Factor
Important Tests For Women
Healthy Living: Spice It Up

JUNE 2015
In this issue:
Introducing Our New Website!
Latest Medical Findings From ACOG
Father’s Day Tribute
Healthy Living: Heat Exhaustion

MAY 2015
In this issue:
The Creation Of Mother’s Day
Gestational Weight Gain Risks
Healthy Living: Giving Is Living
Prenatal Yoga Class

APRIL 2015
In this issue:
• Sterilization Options
• Red Cross Gala
• Baby, Set, GO!
• Healthy Living: Down To Two Waterfords
• Nutrition Busters Seminar

MARCH 2015
In this issue:

• Aetna & St. Barnabas Announcement
• Paint & Sip
• Pelvic Floor Prolapse
• Real Symptoms From Real Women
• Healthy Living: Your Sweet Tooth

In this issue:

• The Measles Dilemma
• We Need Your Feedback!
• Benefits of Circumcision
• Healthy Living: Diet Soda

In this issue:

• Keeping Your Baby Healthy In Winter
• Lower Birth Rates Affect The Economy
• Healthy Living: Fat Is Good
• Prenatal Yoga Class

In this issue:

• Making The Most Of Your Doctor Visit
• Breast Exams During Pregnancy
• Healthy Living: The Summit Fire Department Comes To Your Home
• Free Pregnancy Class

In this issue:

• Dr. Rubino: “Top Doc”!
• Daylight Savings – Effects On Children
• Healthy Living: Healthy Eating With A Busy Lifestyle
• Dr. Rubino Runs For Re-Election
• LinkedIn – Join Us!
• Walk-In Flu Clinics

In this issue:

• Color Me Pink
• Pelvic Floor Disorders Among Triathletes
• Healthy Living: Halloween Safety Tips
• Dr. Rubino Runs for Re-Election

In this issue:

• Ovarian Cancer – Wear Your Teal
• Online Bill Payments – Even Easier
• Healthy Living: Self Improvement Month
• Pay Your Bill Online

In this issue:

• Welcome Dr. Kahan
• Vaginitis – What Is It?
• Healthy Living: Diets – Why They Don’t Work
• Pay Your Bill Online

JULY 2014
In this issue:

• Single Embryo Transfer
• New Discovery: Molecular Breast Imaging
• Healthy Living: UV Safety Month

JUNE 2014
In this issue:

• Father’s Days
• HPV – Detection and Treatments
• Healthy Living: Happier Mornings

MAY 2014
In this issue:

• Benefits of Play Time
• New Law for Mammograms
• Healthy Living: Creating A Work-Life Balance

APRIL 2014
In this issue:

• You Can Change Your Brain
• Online Bill Payment
• Baby Care Essentials
• Vaginal Dryness
• Healthy Living: Memory Health

MARCH 2014
In this issue:

• It’s A Big Month
• Shedding Light on Insurance
• Skin Conditions During Pregnancy
• Red Cross Month
• Healthy Living: 6 Essential Nutrients

In this issue:

• Fond Farewell to Fox
• Stress and Heart Health
• Breast Issues and Conditions
• Healthy Living: Bringing Exercise Back

In this issue:

• The Rubino OB/GYN Group Featured on ANSwers Live
• Answers Live Features The Rubino OB/GYN Group
• Women and Strokes
• Healthy Living: Heels to Laces

In this issue:
• Pediatric Hearing Loss
• Dr. Rubino – Top Doc 6th Consecutive Year
• Healthy Living: The Health Revolution

In this issue:
• Breast Cancer: Risks and Diagnosis
• POF – What is it?
• Healthy Living: Run for Rob

In this issue:
• Your Teeth and Your Health
• Gestational Diabetes
• Healthy Living: Managing Back to School

AUGUST 13, 2013
New Doctor Announcement
• Introducing Dr. Huang and Dr. Patel

In this issue:
• Welcome Dr. Patel
• New Practice Video
• Your Digestive System
• Healthy Living – Importance of Hydration

JULY 2013
In this issue:
• Welcome Dr. Huang
• National Cord Blood Awareness
• Healthy Living – From Doctor to Patient: Dr. Kessel’s Personal Perspective

JUNE 2013
In this issue:
• Postpartum Depression
• Bedtime Math
• Healthy Living – New Sunscreen Regulations

MAY 2013
In this issue:
• Pelvic Floor Muscle Training
• The Female Body
• Healthy Living: Healthy Habits to a Happy Mom

APRIL 2013
In this issue:
• The IUD – Is It The Right Choice?
• Could I Be Anemic?
• Healthy Living – Fatigue

MARCH 2013
In this issue:
• Dr. Rubino Featured on CNN
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Libido Post Menopause
• Health Living – American Red Cross

In this issue:
• Puberty – What to Expect
• Rh Factor and Pregnancy
• Healthy Living – Heart Health

In this issue
• Dr. Susan Moves Her Office
• Dr. Robert Rubino on XM Radio
• Your Colon: Function, Testing and Health
• Healthy Living: The Connection Between Your Brain and Your Stomach

In this issue
• Endometrial Hyperplasia
• Levator Syndrome
• Healthy Living: Staying Healthy for the Holidays

In this issue
• Top Doc 2012
• The Thyroid
• Hemorrhoids
• Healthy Living: What Are You Eating?

In this issue
• Breast Cancer Awareness
• Eating Disorders – A Basic Guide
• Healthy Living: Vitamin Overdose

In this issue:
      • Announcing Our New Bayonne Office
• Cholesterol Awareness
• Infertility Advancements
• Healthy Living: Childhood Obesity